Vertical injection moulding machine

Vertical injection moulding machine
semi automatic vertical injection moulding machine


It used to make dumbbell sample for tensile testing, bending testing, or strip sample for impact testing. 
rotary injection molding machine



1.Vertical mold opening and vertical injection, suitable for insert molding.

2, Nitrided mast, material tube, high torque night pressure motor drive, multi-stage injection pressure, good plasticizing performance.

3, Direct pressure mother-mother lock cylinder design, rapid mold clamping, low-pressure safety mold clamping, abnormal automatic mold opening, multiple pressure control, high safety, improve mold life.

4, Electrical warranty device, no mistakes occur, maintenance operators safe.

5, Automatic fault display, maintenance is quick and easy.

6, Electronic control, night pressure face using brand-name parts, quiet, precise and durable.

7, Multi-stage temperature control, multi-stage injection pressure, injection speed, back pressure stepless adjustment, suitable for precision plastic parts molding.

8. Hydraulic ejection device.

vertical injection moulding machine price
· May I know how soon I can get the machine after I transfer the deposit?
Re:Usually, if the quantity is less than 5 units, we can finish the production in 15-20days. We will try our best to offer the machines to you as soon as possible. 
· How long the product warranty period?
Re:The product warranty period is 18 months.
· How long have you engaged in this industry?
Re:We have been engaged in this industry for more than 20years, Our hot products sold at home and abroad by our own foreign trade department and some trading company.
· What kinds of Processing equipment you have?
Re:CNC laser cutting equipment, CNC plasma cutting equipment, CNC flame cutting equipment, numerical control sheet metal processing equipment, 500 tons of hydraulic press,bending machine etc.
vertical plastic moulding machine

Standard accessory;
Spare parts;
Tool box;
Instruction manuel of machines
Optional Accessory:
Air ejector;
Magnetic stand;
Mold clamps;
Mould temperature controller;
Hopper dryer


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